Do you have a damaged or fractured tooth? Did you need to have a tooth removed and now have a gap in your smile? At SmileSolutions, we provide high-quality same-day dental crowns and dental bridge to protect your teeth and mouth and restore your beautiful smile. With our state-of-the-art CEREC machine, we can provide a new crown or bridge in one day, so that you can get your crown placed and bonded to your tooth in a single visit. Schedule an appointment in our Pretoria office today to talk more about the options we have for CEREC crowns and bridges.

High-Quality Crowns

If your tooth has been severely damaged by an accident or by a large cavity or infection, you may need to remove the damaged section of your tooth. In this case, a crown can be the perfect solution to protecting the rest of your tooth and restoring your smile and bite.

A crown is a protective cap that can be placed on top of your tooth and cemented in place. Before having the crown made, we take an impression of your teeth, so that the crown will perfectly fit on top of your tooth and will feel comfortable—whether you’re eating, smiling, or talking.

Traditionally, you would have to wait a few weeks for your custom crown to be created from impressions. During this time, you would have to wear a temporary crown, which could be ill-fitting and uncomfortable. However, with our CEREC machine, we can now produce custom-made same-day dental crowns. This allows us to remove the damaged section of your tooth and replace it with a perfectly crafted crown all in one visit.

Additionally, we are able to use CEREC technology to create custom inlays and onlays. Inlays and onlays are more conservative restorations that cover the top surface area of your molars. These may be recommended in cases of less severe damage.

Our Pretoria office can also provide you with Zirconium crowns, which have to be made in a dental lab. Though these crowns take a longer time to produce, they are extremely high quality, look completely natural, and are incredibly durable.


If you are missing a tooth, we can replace the tooth with a custom-made bridge. Dental bridge a replacement tooth that is secured in the tooth gap by crowns on the surrounding teeth. In order to give you a bridge, our staff will first take an impression of your teeth. We will then remove the top section of the surrounding teeth to make room for the crowns. Once we have the bridge created—in the same day thanks to our CEREC machine—we will put the crowns and bridges in place and cement them to your teeth.

Bridges are a high-quality tooth replacement option that will not only look natural but will feel completely natural as well. Because our crowns are made from an impression of your original tooth, your mouth will never know the difference!

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