At SmileSolutions, our main goal is to assist our patients.

For this reason, we recommend scheduling a diagnostic consultation before determining treatment options, as this allows our dentists to fully examine your teeth and mouth so that they can devise the most effective treatment plan possible for you as a individual. We are not able to provide cost estimates on any treatment options without performing a full diagnostic examination first.

During the diagnostic consultation, we do a thorough examination. We then advise you of treatment options and make recommendations, which take your unique requirements into account. The practice is contracted out, so you will need to settle your account on the day you receive your treatment and then claim back from your medical aid provider.

The dentists at SmileSolutions pride themselves on offering tailored dental solutions to every single patient - so your treatment plan will be based on your unique case and your specific needs. Should you have financial constraints preventing you from receiving dental treatment, we can recommend a trustworthy financing company that should be able to assist you once a cost estimation has been done.

Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

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